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Maxime & Julien, co-founders @Buzznative agency

We’re an independent brand creative agency that’s conceived and powered by digital natives.

Founded in Orléans, France in 2010, we’ve gone from strength to strength with further offices in London and Paris where we provide brand strategiescreative campaigns and communication solutions.

Our services

We work in close partnership with world-class brands to deliver bespoke advice and solutions that help make a difference and create more value.


Brand platform
Brand identity


Strategic planning
Creative idea
Sales activation


Marketing Website
E-commerce website
Digital advertising
Video production
Social media

Our mission

To help brands unleash their creative potential to reveal their personality and grow brand awareness.

Because a company is first and foremost a promise – a proposal that’s designed to meet an unmet need or fill an unfilled gap in the market. Because either consciously or not, businesses today are brands, and we believe that successful brands are those that stand out clearly bu standing for something, and that creativity is the key to helping those values shine through.

We love advertising

It’s tempting to say that as co-founders, we’re the best in Buzznative at what we do and that we ultimately drive all our success. But the even more satisfying truth is that behind us and behind every one of our advertising campaigns, there’s a superb team that’s trusted by entrepreneurs, executives and brand marketing and communications managers alike. It’s this team of talents that make our agency what it is and who are committed to unleashing the creativity of your brand to create an impact on your business and on your audience.

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They’re more than just offices – they’re homes

It’s no secret that great ideas happen more easily when you’re in a comfortable environment, so we’ve made sure that none of our offices look like uninspiring, mainstream offices. We’ve carefully designed them with collaborative spaces, creatives lounges, cafeterias… everything we can to generate an atmosphere where minds can meet and ideas can flow. And because our business has no borders in this digital age, we’re right here alongside our customers, starting from our founding headquarters in Orleans to our offices in Paris and our newly-opened London office that acts as the hub of European advertising services.


The Leather Market, Borough Station, London
+44 7494 656856

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24, rue des épinettes
75017 Paris
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8 bis, rue du grenier à sel
45000 Orléans
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Brands we love… and we like to work with

More than our ego, we prefer the “go” of our customers for creating a new brand strategy, a new creative campaign or a new communication solution.

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We believe that successful brands are those that stand out clearly by standing for something

We believe that like human beings, brands have something valuable to say to their audiences every day

We believe that communication must be creative as well and effective

We believe in advertising that respects the intelligence of your audience and that's focused on the idea rather than on the media