“I can’t, I… always have an excuse”

National volunteer recruitment campaign unveiled at World Volunteer Day, December 5th, 2018.

Client: The French Red Cross
Date: 5 December 2018
Services: Creative Idea, Creative campaign, Video production, Print



The French Red Cross has turned to creative agency Buzznative to design and implement its nationwide volunteer recruitment campaign. The campaign was unveiled on World Volunteer Day on December 5th.



How to value volunteering and make you want to engage without cheat on the reality of the action? And also, how to sensitize a fairly large public (youngs, young actives and retired) so that each of us devotes a little time to the others and the three missions highlighted in the recruitment campaign of the French Red Cross (“Maraude”, First Aid and Training)?



The insight of the campaign emerges from an observation: the first obstacle to commitment is the lack of time.



The campaign’s idea comes from replies / answers given when there is no time that we all know “I can not, I have swimming” or “I can not, I have pony”. The agency has taken the opposite direction by creating a resolutely quirky, positive and humorous campaign: “I can not, I have a date” (Maraude); “I can not, I have a marathon” (First Aid); “I can not, I have a massage (Training)”. The agency has produced 4 short videos (19 sec and 30 sec) to ensure an optimal completion rate, in order to promote engagement in general. Rhythmic videos presenting real situations of intervention by true volunteers of the French Red Cross such as Tristana or Etienne, to set the tone of the campaign. The agency has produced a digital pack for social networks (Facebook and Twitter covers, web banners) and also customizable regional print tools (posters, flyers, user guide and customization).


More than 40,000 organic views on social networks in a few days… Completion rate of videos: 44% for the 30 sec video, 65% for the 3 videos of 19 sec.