Tours Loire Valley

Ambassadors, well beyond the territory.


Brief & Solution

How to activate the pride of belonging and to mobilize both the actors and talents of the territory to detect new projects and generate more visibility for the Tours Loire Valley?

Our challenge from the client was to harness the sense of local pride in the Loire Valley and mobilize the actors and talents of the region to create new projects that would generate more visibility for the area.

Since 2016, all of the economic,public and private actors of the city of Tours and the Touraine region have made a collective effort to revitalise the territory. This effort was carried out in consultation with local residents and resulted in a shared strategy which included the launch of a network of “ambassadors”. But this raised the question of how to spark that local pride and mobilize the regional actors and talents into creating new projects that would generate more visibility for the city of Tours.

Our response was based on a powerful insight – you don’t have to live in Tours or in the Loire Valley to be an ambassador and promote the region you love.

The resulting idea was to give all lovers of the territory, without limitation, the opportunity to convey their pride in the Tours Loire Valley and participate in the spirit of local “RE-naissance”. We achieved this by creating a web platform which acted as a complete ecosystem to inform, mobilize and recruit future partners and ambassadors of the Tours Loire Valley brand. The website showcases these ambassadors and presents their story and their love for the city of Tours and the broader Touraine region. It also functions as a hub where news and future events are displayed via a fun navigation system and with a user experience that prioritises mobile users first.