Banana Republic, a surprising… launch!

Ephemeral shows to catch the people attention

Client: Banana Republic

Temporary shows to attract public attention

Background and objectives

For the French relaunch of Gap Group’s famous Banana Republic clothing brand, the goal was to celebrate the launch of the new flagship store on the Champs Elysees in an original way that would generate plenty of buzz.


Buzznative created and produced a stunning event on the streets of Paris – three days of temporary shows, using yellow New York taxi cabs to transport male and female fashion models to iconic locations such as the Bastille, the Paris Opera and the Champs Elysées.

We also created static and dynamic captures of the event.


The results were undeniable, with increased visibility of the Banana Republic brand on the street across 12 famous locations where 15,000 branded bags and special promotional discounts were handed out to passers-by. The online results were equally impressive with video and images of the event prominently featured on the brand’s social media accounts as well as on the web and with journalists and fashion influencers, all of which helped to generate traffic and direct it to the flagship store.