Domotizy, the easy home automation

A name and brand identity to make the difference

Client: Domotizy
Services: Naming, Branding, Brand Identity


At a time when competition is growing in this emerging market, Domotique Home Technologie wanted to stand out by creating proximity with its customers.



Target an uninitiated audience. And being seen as an expert in home automation in the face of competition.



A product considered both technological, expensive and gadget. And requiring heavy interior work.



Create a new “friendly” identity: proximity, ease, peace of mind for the end consumer.



Creation of a new brand: Domotizy. A simple name, fluid, evocative. Definitely, easy home automation (prefix “Domo” for home and home automation in French, the suffix “izy” for the easy side). Design of a new signature: literally “Domotizy, a connected interior for a disconnected spirit” with a game on words, which is easily remembered and evokes at first contact the added value of the brand and means “Unleash your mind of daily home issues”.
Enhancement of the offer on a dedicated showcase website, a blog and a digital advertising campaign.