Nike Football Academy, the tomorrow’s talents

How could Nike give young football talents the best opportunity to focus on their performances rather than on their stewardship?

Context and objectives

At the Nike Academy (a football training center based in the UK), the world’s leading sporting goods brand gives young players from 16 to 19 years old a chance to join a newer training center.

As part of the work for its one-week camp in Paris, the Nike Academy entrusted Buzznative with the design and implementation of a mobile application that would deliver the best service and offer the warmest possible welcome to this team of young international players.


We worked on the design and technical development of the Nike mobile application and integrated a wide range of services, such as simple and effective planning, key information about activities, location mapping, time-dependent display of information, one-click call contacts…

At a glance and with a few swipes of the thumb, players could access all the information they needed to live out an amazing experience in France.

Client: Nike