New Range Rover Evoque

A sure value, unequivocally.

Client: BPM Group, Eagle Automobiles
Services: Creative concept, Event production, Video production

Brief & Solution

Brief & Solution

How could we use an exclusive, invitation-only event to launch the new car Range Rover in the best light and generate intent to purchase ?


For the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque in France in December 2018, parent company BPM Group entrusted Buzznative with the design and production of its “National Preview” event in Tours in France’s Loire Valley.



To unveil the new Range Rover Evoque to a public composed of both customers and targets during an event that lived up to Range Rover’s legendary reputation for quality. To generate requests for information, pre-orders or even formal orders during the event. To make the evening a pleasant, memorable experience thanks to an undeniable and unforgettable “Wow factor”.


We took inspiration from Range Rover’s previous international launch in London and used it to develop the concept of our National Preview event by recreating the sleek outline of the new Evoque with red wire light sculptures arranged across the city. We also designed a special event based on a vibrant light-painting show (see video).



We created the launch event under a large green glass roof as a reference to the “off-road” heritage of the Land Rover brand. This included decorations composed of bright furniture and urban elements, a central bar as a meeting point, an exclusive, high-end cocktail created to denote the luxury of the brand, light shows highlighting the Range Rover Evoque shape… and a huge injection of “wow factor”, courtesy of the live light-painting show which was unheard of for the 200 VIP guests at the party!