Social Marathon, the 1st World Twitter Race

How to develop the digital visibility of the Paris Marathon partner Schneider Electric thanks to an innovative campaign?

Context and objectives
As part of the 2015 Paris Marathon, Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O) proposed to its partner Schneider Electric to sponsor the 1st Social Marathon in the world. The goal was to ride the digital trend to create an innovative operation around the “physical” event.

How to develop Schneider Electric’s digital visibility through an innovative campaign?

In 2015, it is the rise of running and the first communities of connected runners. We do not run alone anymore but we run with others and we share it on social media networks.

Define and set up an innovative digital operation on Twitter. Creation of the first tweets race in the world, the first virtual marathon!

Concept & results
The more retweets or favorites a registered participant had on his Twitter account from his community, the more he would run virtual meters to reach the virtual 42.195Km of the operation. A real success for this unprecedented campaign: more than 40,000 organic tweets generated (without media purchasing), the corresponding hashtag in Twitter Topic Trends (TT)… with winners from the second hour of the 96 hours race!

Client: A.S.O
Services: Creative Idea, Creation, Web development, video production