With the Institute of Social Work, become rich

An advertising campaign to overcome the stereotypes of social professions

Client: Institut du Travail Social - Tours
Services: Creative campaign, Art Direction, Copywriting, Print campaign



We all know someone who works in the social, but do we really know what these trades are? There is today a great lack of understanding of these professions, especially among young audiences. In an increasingly competitive market, the Social Work Institute of Tours seeks to emerge from these young people with a different message.


How can we renew interest in social work training for young people in a society that promotes success with money?


The Millenials represent a generation in search of both meaning and experience for their lives. The trades of the social are often poorly paid, poorly recognized, but they conceal another wealth: a human wealth.


We decided to question young people about the meaning of their (professional) future rather than to impose a choice on them. Question the “why”? Rather than the “what”.

Do you prefer: “Succeed your life? Or succeed in life? “.
Do you prefer: “Work like a machine? Or work for the Man? “.
Do you prefer: “Run after money? Or discover real wealth? “.

A light tone that seeks to challenge and appeal to the intelligence of young people. We chose accessible claims for maximum impact. The visual identity of the campaign is unique, using “punchy” colors and no iconography to further enhance the message and shift from the usual communications sector.


A hyper “local” media plan to be where the public is (Orleans, Tours and Blois): Presence of a booth on the Orléans, Tours and Blois student forums
Social Digital Advertising on Facebook and Instagram (100,000 impressions in two weeks)
Display on bus shelters and tram stations

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