Sodispra, your car parts retailer

When offline and online merge

Client: Sodispra
Services: Branding, Website, Digital, Print


Sodispra, a distribution company for spare parts and automotive accessories, aimed to overhaul its commercial brochure and wanted to standardize its branding and thus its communication media by creating a website.


How to make the brand known to value it with a target of new customers? What supports would be most appropriate to promote the brand and its services?


Although the automotive sector is beginning to digitize, Sodispra’s B to B target remains sensitive and a regular in traditional paper media. Yet how to do today in our digital age?


Recommendation of an educational brochure to illustrate the Sodispra’s work and make it more accessible to its various audiences in addition to the creation of a modern one page website. A winning print / digital combination for the brand.


Design of a new tri-fold commercial brochure with flaps for documents.
Creation of a circular layout diagram of the Sodispra organization.
Integration of the representatives’s testimonials.
All in the brand’s colors.
Graphic design and development of a one page website, offering all the brand’s topics through anchor to facilitate the user experience.
Create a clear and readable website with the colors of the brand.