Thermor, the smart heating

A modern, digital sales force

Client: Thermor


As part of the growing digitisation of its sector, the Thermor brand provided its business-to-business sales force with tablets. To enrich the customer experience of the brand during sales appointments, Thermor’s reps wanted a handy sales support tool as well as a presentation that would showcase their products in a dynamic way.


How could we use digital devices to enrich the customer experience of the brand during appointments or during trade shows?


We’re all used to paper catalogs where we can physically touch and handle sales support materials and experience them in a tactile way. While providing access to key product information, this kind of sales support material is still seen as “traditional,” whereas tablets are synonymous with modernity and innovation.


In order to address the sales representatives’ mobility problem and make sure that they wouldn’t be tethered to the closest adequate wifi signal, Buzznative developed an iOS tablet application that could be used offline. Offering fluid, intuitive navigation between the various integrated media, the app was installed on the sales representatives’ devices. One of the key strengths of the application was that at the end of the demonstration, customers could fill in their contact information to receive a link to the application and using it in their own shops, helping them to more easily sell Thermor’s new products.