Summer will be (s)hot with Artishot

M6 Boutique

Client: M6 Boutique
Services: Creative Idea, Creative Campaign, Art Direction

“Summer will be (s)hot”, with Artishot



To launch the new formula of its product Arti Shot Formula +, M6 Boutique (TV show) wanted to create a communication campaign.


How to discover “Arti Shot Formula +” to a younger target and create the buzz?


It’s soon the summer. Consumers are given special attention to their appearance. Everyone has in mind: how to find a silhouette that suits me to go to the beach? As proof, the covers of women’s magazines that make their headlines on the subject of thinness for the holidays. And the offer is multiple. How to differentiate among these many competing offers?


Buzznative agency decided to take the opposite of these magazines by proposing to display for his campaign… a devoted man on a sunny beach, associated with the pack product.


A visual Master associated with a catchphrase of the song: Eric Charden and the name of the flagship product of the brand: “Summer will be hot → Summer will be Shot”. An acquisition and remarketing campaign via Facebook and Instagram. The creation of kakemonos for M6 Boutique stores and the catch “Summer will be (S)hot (with Artishot)”, taken by the hosts of the live broadcast, on the TV set.